The Training went well. Trainer was well versed with the subject and was very flexible with schedule and also answering many of my questions. It also helped that trainer was able to deliver on subject which was related but outside of the course.

Thanks for your support

– VijayKumar Alli,

VijayKumar Alli
 | Shristi

Shristi trainer is a knowledgeable trainer who connected well with all the trainees. The course was very structured and the trainer gave clear and concise examples. I consider the materials covered to be an important foundation for the continued learning.

– VidyaShenoy,
Team Lead, Diya Systems, Linkedin

 | Shristi

The training provided by Shristi Technology was excellent. Trainer was very well prepared, even though he had a tough syllabus to cover within the 4 days, he had everything under his control. He never sidestepped anything, which was asked of him. He is thoroughly professional. It is very rare to find people who are technically good and can explain well. I would like to attend some more training from him.

– Naresh Suvarna,
Team Lead, Diya Systems.

Naresh Suvarna
 | Shristi

The Java Trainer is one of the finest educators I have met having the blend of both technical capability and professionalism. He is very patient, transparent and when ever things are complicated, he notes down and comes back with an answer. From Web Technologies, Trainer has very good knowledge of both front end and server side technologies, he is able to combine them well and able to answer every question very clearly. Trainer has good communication and is very helpful in making students do hands-on exercises. He is very fluid and flexible in accommodating timings.

–Praveen Gali,
Guideware Automation Specialist
Dublin, Ohio   LinkedIn

Praveen Gali
 | Shristi

The training on “Java Spring MVC” provided by Shristi Technology was of very pedagogical standard. It was a kind of session which was inspirational, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Experienced developers and Solution architects from various backgrounds participated for fruitful interactions. The practical exercises were useful in offering ‘hands on’ experience. The interactive atmosphere and live examples used for illustration were refreshing. We are looking forward to work with you on many more engagements. Thanks!!!

Head – Training Department, Diya Systems

 | Shristi

Training was good as I’m back-end developer so was not having much hands on experience in UI side development, Trainer explains the concepts well along with coding examples and makes us to understand by asking to try out the examples and clear all the doubts if any. Course content is also good I would like to recommend for all those who want to learn UI technologies.

–Vinod Kumar,
SW Engineer, Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

Vinod Kumar
 | Shristi

Sripriya has been doing a commendable job as a trainer. She is genuinely interested in the technical growth of each and every trainee and effectively leverages her vast repertoire of knowledge and experience to achieve the training goals. She is very approachable, sincere and professional. I wish her all best for her future endeavours.

– Sachin,
Program Manager – Sapient, Bangalore

 | Shristi

We have known Sripriya for almost 4 years and it has been a wonderful journey for all of us. The qualities which stood on her part were her complete command over her Subject on which she has to deliver trainings on and impeccable professionalism she maintains throughout her tenure. For us we have always preferred her as a consultant/trainer for all of our premium clients and she has always been able to standard apart in her delivery not only because she is good in the domain but also because of her integrity as an individual and blind trust on can have in handing over the responsibilities.

– Srivatsan NC ,
Head-Marketing and Sales- Vamsoft Technology pvt Limited, Chennai

 | Shristi

I Know Sripriya for more than 5 years. She is very professional and enthusiastic towards her work. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in the training. She provides the perfect scenario for success of trainings and sets foundations for new trainings requirements.
Thank you Sripriya, you are the best!

– Hidayath Baig,
Manager Sales – Quint Wellington Redwood, Bangalore

Hidayath Baig
 | Shristi

I learned the concepts on Core java in a short span of time. It is very good experience for me in learning Java under your guidance. Your teaching helped me in taking the Java related exams well and I have cleared it too with good score. The examples you have provided in understanding the programmatic concepts are really very good and easy to follow.
Thank you so much for your guidance and support in all my career endeavour.

– Subhashini Rajagopalan
Module test Lead – Kumaran Systems, Chennai

Subhashini Rajagopalan
 | Shristi

It has been a great association that we had during the course of our technical training at Oracle. The subjects that we learnt in our college duration were more practically seen and implied into our projects during the time of training.
Java, Java Servlets and HTML these were the subjects I loved the most and always thought of having a teacher who can tune my concepts and you really did that.
our entire batch felt confident enough to get onto the work floor.
During the course, the doubts, the timelines, material that you shared all have been useful and the best part was learning from the tests that you conducted and which encouraged to learn more and more. Finally concluding, it was a very huge learning experience.

– Saikiran Chavali, Applications Developer – Oracle

Saikiran Chavali
 | Shristi

The Trainer Sripriya is a very good trainer. She explains the concept very well. I would recommend Shristi technology labs to all the fresher’s.

– Swetha , Fresher

 | Shristi

I had not more than 10% knowledge about programming! Was doubtful if I will even be able to build a simple app by myself! But today I am way confident and have even received appreciation from my seniors at office for my work! Credit goes to the amazing trainer who taught in such a comprehensive way that anybody can nurture their skills to a greater extent to perform anywhere independently and successfully! Thanks to SriPriya Ma’am(amazing trainer)

– Shruthi Hullati, Sapient

Shruthi Hullati
 | Shristi

Manmathan was very quick in terms of receiving phone calls and providing the information that i need. Sri Priya was very Knowledgeable and quick in terms of providing solutions to the assignments/projects in Java Environment (Front-end and Back-end Development). I surely recommend Shristi Technology Labs to everyone that are looking to get their work done in quicker and efficient way.

– Naresh Pola, Washington D.C USA

Naresh Pola
 | Shristi

I liked the session, quiet informative the trainer was knowledgeable and was able to answer most of all queries.

– Vivek s.Mayinkkar, Freelancer – Mainframe Trainer

 | Shristi

It is the best institute for Hadoop classes I found in Bangalore. The trainer is excellent and has got lots of knowledge. He cleared all the concepts with details. We were provided the access to Hadoop systems and do hands on. We also got help in installing the hadoop in our local machine. I would suggest one to go with this institute.

– Sunil Kumar,

Sunil Kumar
 | Shristi

Had a nice session and good coverage of concepts.

Kamal Bannuru
 | Shristi

Training was excellent and meeting my expectations, Prabakaran made us to understand basics of Hadoop easily. Training materials also very descriptive and easy to understand.

– Krishna Ambati, Linkedin

Krishna Ambati
 | Shristi

The training(Node.JS) went very well and i could learn the technology through proper explanation along with good amount of examples from the trainer.

– Lakshmi Kanth A.C., LINKEDIN

Lakshmi Kanth
 | Shristi

It was very good training(JS and Angular.JS) from Shristi and the Trainer.

– Ravinder reddy

Ravinder reddy
 | Shristi

Overall Angular.JS training went good. Trainer Support was good during the course and also clarified the queries to the level of understanding.

– Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, Infore Software systems

Lakshmi Narayana Reddy
 | Shristi

It was good. The trainer explained everything in simple English. He answered all my questions and also had explained me nicely whenever I had a doubt. For me it was a nice experience, I really learned a lot in Angular.JS from this course.

– Vinay Kumar, Infore Software Systems

Vinay Kumar
 | Shristi

Trainer has given the contents as per the expectation and it matched to industry standard, Shristi has organized Angular.JS training with meeting learner’s expectation with standard.

– KalaiSelvan, Infore Software Systems

 | Shristi

I enrolled Struts2 training from Shrisiti. Training content is very good. This course meets my learning objective.

– NareshKalakanti from Ireland.,

 | Shristi

“Training was good and our consultants are happy with the service offered. I highly recommend Shristi for better future in IT”

– David Peterson, Recruitment Manager, Etios Consulting, Inc., Linkedin

David Peterson
 | Shristi

“The overall training during the course is worthful. I acquired more knowledge on the subject. The pattern, course content and the method of delivery is awesome. They provide more exercises which will be more helpful in grasping the subject.”

– Maria Sudha, Linkedin

Maria Sudha
 | Shristi

I have taken Angular.JS, Bootstrap and Advanced. JS training from Shristi. Training was Good.

– Rashmi Badami, Linkedin

Rashmi Badami
 | Shristi

“I have taken JQuery, Angular.JS,Bootstrap and Advanced.JS from Shristi. Training was valuable and more helpful for my work.
I really appreciate the trainer’s job and their practical approach.
My special thanks to the Management Team for their instant response.”

– B.Balaji U.K

 | Shristi

I enrolled Java and Advance Java. The trainer was very well experienced, understanding, and cooperative. Great to be a part of the training.

– Deepika from USA

 | Shristi

Node Js Course content are good. Support is also good. Delivery method was awesome.

– Jaswant Agarwal, Asst Project Manager, SocomecIndia Pvt. Ltd.. Linkedin

Jaswant Agarwal
 | Shristi

Node Js Course content is fully covered. Nice attitude and full supported. Good delivery Method.

– Anupama Singh, Software Developer at Socomec India. Linkedin

Anupama Singh
 | Shristi

The course content on Angular JS is good.

– Arun kumar,

Arun kumar
 | Shristi

Angular JS Training was very good and informative. The way the trainer taught was good and he cleared all our queries without any hesitation. The course material provided was very useful. Trainer encouraged interaction, it was very helpful. Overall the course was informative and useful.

– Sriram,

 | Shristi

Angular Js Training was good. Specially mentioning the Trainer. He has taken all his effort to teach us. Thanks to the trainer and the whole team of Shristi.

– Pearly Nixon,
Senior Web developer, UGO Technologies. Linkedin

Pearly Nixon
 | Shristi

Word class Java training by world class trainer. Actually my trainer who is very expert, he gave me the deep training, homework, example to get more understanding and asked every time before we continue to next chapter.

– Dalin,
Unilever from Cambodia.

 | Shristi

Trainer is well experienced and very good in delivering C++ & Java Training. He is very supportive and easy to communicate. in clearing the doubts.

– Sulakshana Billa,

Sulakshana Billa
 | Shristi

Very Good Angular Js Training.

– Sebin Simon,
PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Sebin Simon
 | Shristi

Excellent delivery of Angular Js Knowledge to produce an output in which was displayed.

– Karthick,
Front-End developer, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. LinkedIn

 | Shristi

Satisfied Angular Js Training.

– Rahul.V,
PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

 | Shristi

Angular Js Training is good.

– Vivak Kumar. V,
Business Development, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

Vivak Kumar
 | Shristi

Happy & Satisfied Angular Js Training.

– Amal Subhash,
Associate Software Engineer In RUBY On Rails, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

Amal Subhash
 | Shristi

Angular Js Course content is relevant. Got maximum support from trainer. Delivery method is good. Could able to implement.

– Jaikanth. B.G ,

 | Shristi

I liked the Angular Js training method very much. Trainer is very supportive in solving problem.

– Biju.BC,
Sr Web Designer/DL, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

 | Shristi

Angular Js Course content is relevant and useful. Very good support and good method of delivering.

– Vishnu Jayan,
Associate Software Engineer, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd.Linkedin

 | Shristi

Covered the basics and examples help us to improve. Trainer have good knowledge about the Angular Js subject.

– Nandhu .V.Nair,
Magento Developer, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

 | Shristi

Angular Js Training is overall good, Trainer explains the concept simple.

– Justin Joy,
Front End Developer, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

Justin Joy
 | Shristi

Very Good Angular Js Training.

– Swetha Theres George,
Software Engineer, PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

Swetha Theres
 | Shristi

Overall Angular Js training is good. It is advisable to give more time review and go through codes.

– Priyesh,
Software engineer PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Linkedin

 | Shristi