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Why learn online? Well, this is a question the partakers of the educating industry have been asking since the concept of distance education flagged into a threaded connectivity of liaison between the learner and the learnt within varied modes of bandwidth, literally. On the other hand a straight glaring square is the fact that online learning has been on the rise and will be, popping another question of whether it will take over brick and mortar classroom teaching fundamentals, like the latter did for gurukul parampara of teacher – student collaboration, affecting both lives for their ever after during ancient times.

There are benefits to learning online and there are many untold dirty little secrets, too. If there weren’t any benefits Babson Research Group’s stats about 6.7 million postsecondary students enrolling in at least in one online class would be a falsetto. However, 90% of these students don’t finish. The duality to observe here is that when a student needn’t commute, needn’t get dressed either capitalizes on the flexibility provided by online learning. The trick remains to make them finish what was started and that is why a conscious generic training institute for online learning like Shristi Tech Labs is necessary.

MOOC platforms

The online arena flourished mushrooming to an unimaginable scale which cannot be scaled like that of a university prospectus. Student demand is the contributing factor because it offers an opportunity for flexibility of scheduling and cost – efficiency, decreasing chances to interact among peers and teachers. The industry responded by terming these categories of markets as MOOC – Massive open online courses. The four big players in MOOC are: Coursera, edX, Udacity and Udemy. Here the students get bored and are dropping out which when taken with a pinch of salt is admirable what an online training institute can do.

Why need an online training institute? Well, the reason is for students to meet the finish line so that Basbson Research Group when next takes the stats can see an increase in the success ratio of a higher nominator. For example, most of the open source frameworks are now taught online starting with Apache Hadoop. In simple terms, Apache Hadoop is a set of algorithms for storing and distributing Big Data. Such a thorough sequence of algorithms can be learnt by working in pyjamas at home but any questions that may arise need to be addressed by a professional only.

Shristi Tech labs

Shristi Tech Labs, Bangalore has a niche of teaching their curriculum customizing the course material into four modules. Hadoop Common constructs the basic groundwork and staff at this training institute is open to varied channels of teaching, then proceeding toward Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). With a stable groundwork and cornering around the distributing lots, learning Hadoop yarn is just as it is, like yarning a cotton weave. Finally, the evaluation is based on Hadoop Map Reduce which is essentially reducing these learnt principles to a successful finish line. Therefore, with Shristi’s help voluntary learning is possible.

A primary idea of online learning and training is an uphill battle. However, if we strive to qualitatively improve fulfilling education into a stream of sustaining a vision of scaling high quality education, then for a millennial, we have done our part. Considering that online learning is fitting best between studies and/or work, learning through an institute helps in reaching goals in a surely defined process. Goodbye to expensive textbooks and switching off engines at traffic signals but, still worry about reaching class on time. Though time may not wait, through online training we can be sure the class does.


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