Did you know that React can be used both at the client and server sides? With our React JS tutorial course, you will learn all you wish to know about this technology and much more!

What exactly is React?

React is a javascript library that is used for building user interfaces. It was developed at Facebook and focuses on the ‘View’ aspect of MVC in web applications.React was built for the express purpose of developing applications that are large in nature and have to deal with time changing data. React employs two basic ideas and they are: Simple and Declarative.

Our React JS tutorial course aims at exploring the fundamentals of React and help you understand what this platform is all about. We will also learn about the flux architecture which can be used with any client side frameworks as part of the course.React focuses heavily on the reusability concept and the components you build using this interesting JS library will be reusable. You will learn as to how to create components that are reusable as a part of our React Javascript course. Read on to learn more about the course details.


With our React JS tutorial course, you will:

  • Learn how to build ReactJS applications through a number of hands-on applications.


What will you learn from this course?

  • An overview of React JS
  • To learn the features of ReactJS
  • To understand Components and build them
  • To understand JSX
  • To handling Events
  • To work with Forms in ReactJS
  • To understand Flux architecture



  • Knowledge of HTML & JavaScript


Who is this course designed for?

  • Web developers and designers working developing front end web applications.



  • 3 days(24 hours)


Course Outline

Introduction to ReactJS (2 hours)

  • What is MV* and SPA(Single Page Application) ?
  • Issues of not using a client side JS framework
  • Difference between MV* frameworks and ReactJS
  • ReactJS JS vs. libraries (e.g., jQuery) and other frameworks (e.g., Backbone.js)
  • Features overview of ReactJS
Building Blocks of ReactJS
Virtual DOM (1)

  • Introduction
  • Change detection
  • Unidirectional data flow

Components in React JS(6 hour)

  • Understanding components
  • Defining components
  • Rendering components
  • Props
  • Composing components
  • State
  • Default props
  • Life cycle of components
      a. componentWillMount


      b. componentDidMount




    d. componentWillUnmount

  • Mixins

JSX(4 hour)

  • What is JSX
  • JIT vs Pre-process transformer
  • Expressions
  • HTML Attributes

Events(2 hour)

  • Introduction
  • Handling DOM events
  • Custom events or component events

Forms (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Controlled components
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Refs
  • GetDOMNode

Routing(2 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Handling routing in ReactJS
  • Getting to know more on third party routing components
FLUX (4 hours)

    • Introduction
    • Dispatchers
    • Actions
    • Stores
    • Components/Views