In this course we provide an overview of Node.js, including writing asynchronous code with callbacks and streams, and modularizing your application with NPM and require. We also look at built-in API’s for building and scaling web applications as well as a few key third party modules. Accelebrate Server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Express training teaches experienced JavaScript developers how to create server-side applications with JavaScript, Node.js, and the Express framework.


  • Learn why server-side JavaScript is useful
  • Learn how Node.js is architected to allow high scalability with asynchronous code
  • Create basic web applications with Node.js
  • Work successfully in the asynchronous Node.js environment through use of control-flow       mechanisms
  • Use files, streams, connections to other servers, and databases in a Node.js application
  • Interactively debug Node.js applications
  • Use the Express framework to quickly create and structure MVC server-side apps and REST services

    What you will learn:

    In this tutorial, you will learn to develop applications using Node.js, a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver fast, scalable network applications. Beginners will start by learning how to install Node.js, and how to work with the Node.js framework and its modules. In additon to informative slides, students will learn node.js by doing, developing node.js application through a series of screencasts developing increasingly advanced applications.


  • Understanding of basic web development
  • Basic JavaScript experience

    Course Designed for:

  • Software developers who want to learn how Node.js they can leverage Node.js to build powerful
          network applications
  • Software team managers who want to learn what Node.js is, and how it can help their team quickly
          and easily build scalable, robust applications
  • Independent coders who want to design large-scale applications for the modern web quickly and
  • Programmers who want to stay on top of new technologies, or want to stay ahead of the curve
          on event-driven, non-blocking application design
  • Course Content:


  • What Is Node.js?
  • When To Use Node.js
  • Node.js Modules
  • Understanding The Node.js Event Loop
  • Installing Node.js on Windows
  • PROJECT 1: HELLO, WORLD! (Simple Basic Project)

  • Project 1: Hello, World!
  • Project 1: TCP Listener
  • Blocking vs. nonblocking programming patterns
  • The server, request, response objects
  • File system module
  • Node.js Middleware pattern
  • The Express framework
  • Routing and MVC in Express
  • Alternatives to Express
  • Full Fledged application

  • Modules, require() and NPM, Express
  • Using Express scaffolding
  • Routes (Express in-built router)
  • Creating and exporting modules
  • Connecting to database (MySql, MongoDB)
  • Using Express Logger
  • Using cluster concepts and forever module