Learn Node.JS Online Course in Bangalore

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Node.js is the all the all new revolutionary platform that is poised to dominate the world of web development! Our Node.js tutorials are aimed at helping you learn this radical JS and leverage it improve your career prospects.

Learn to build Network Applications with Node.js

Learning Node.js with our tailor made courses helps you understand the asynchronous event model, of Node.js and lets you master the concepts involved to create network applications. Here is a list of some of the key features of Javascript Node:

  • Handles Asynchronous I/O and provides for faster I/O operations
  • Better on load balancing
  • Very much scalable
  • Useful in single page applications, data streaming and REST JSON APIs that are fast
  • Excellent server side javascript framework

Inbuilt APIs of Node.js, third party modules for building and scaling web applications and a few key third party modules – you get to learn all of this and much more with the help of our expert course trainers and instructors. Read on to learn more!


At the end of this Node.js tutorial course, you will be able to:

  • Develop event-driven I/O applications using Node.js
  • Build a HTTP Server using the modules of Node Js
  • Develop MVC applications using Express framework that queries databases and calls back-end web servers
  • Work with REST APIs and Javascript Node


What you will learn from this course?

With our Javascript Node course, you will learn:

  • Node.js Installation and Architecture
  • How to create a web application in Node.js
  • Learn how to use REST services with Express framework
  • How to work with files, streams and databases in Node.js
  • Handling REST APIs with Javascript Node



  • Knowledge of HTML & JavaScript


Who is this course designed for?

  • Web developers and designers working developing front end web applications.


Course Outline

Introduction to Node Js

  • Server side javascript – An Introduction
  • How to download and install with Node.js framework
  • Node.js Architecture
  • Understanding Node Event Loop
  • Non blocking Queues
  • Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Callbacks

  • Core Modules
  • Resolving absolute and relative paths


  • Global vs local
  • Packages
  • NPM Commands


  • Create, Slice, Copy a buffer


Working with Streams

  • Read into a Stream
  • Write into a Stream
  • Streaming I/O from files and other sources
  • Filesystem Streams
  • Network Streams


Building the application stack

  • Create web applications using Node js<l/i>
  • Basic HTTP Server
  • Event driven asynchronous callbacks


Debugging Node js applications
Connecting to database using Javascript Node
Express Framework

  • Understanding MVC server-side apps
  • REST services with Express framework
  • Reading Post data