Mean is a full stack framework which brings the best of all technologies – MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS and Node.js using just one language: JavaScript


At the end of this MEAN Stack Tutorial, you will be able to

  • Build an end-to-end application, along with authentication and
    validation, using all the components of MEAN stack.


What you will learn

  • Install Node.js and MongoDB
  • MongoDB Schema design
  • Building RESTful APIS using Node.js and Express
  • Perform CRUD operation with Node.js and MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Building Client side for the application built using Angular



  • Knowledge of JavaScript is needed.
  • A basic knowledge of web application architecture is needed.
  • Familiarity of SQL and NOSQL database is helpful


Course Designed for:

  • Front end developers who want to learn full stack framework.


Course Duration:

  • 25 hours.


Course Outline


  • Overview of Node
  • Node.js Event Loop
  • Installing Node.js on windows
  • Understanding Modules and npm package Manager
  • REPL
  • Use of package.json and require()
  • Adding dependencies using npm
Express Framework

  • Introduction to Express framework
  • Understanding Routing in Express
  • Creating views using template engines
  • Node js middleware pattern
  • Building Restful APIs using Node and Express



    • Introduction to MongoDB
    • Installing mongod and connecting to mongod
    • Starting the mongo shell
    • Introduction to mangoose
    • Understanding Schema and model
    • Define data model using mongoose
    • Perform CRUD operation for Nodejs application using MongoDB
    • Validation using Mongoose
    • Using Passport.js for authentication
Angular JS

      • Introduction to Angular JS
      • Understanding Angular JS Components
      • Integrating the application with Angular JS
      • Configure AngularJS routing
      • Creating controllers, views and custom services
      • Adding a JSON API route
      • Adding Views
      • Validation of Angular JS forms
        • Combine all components of MEAN and create a retail application