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How to install Java & set it in the system path

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This blog is to show how to install java and set it in the system path. This is mainly for java beginners who want to install and start learning  java.

We will learn to

  • Install java
  • Set it in system path
  • Check the installation  from command prompt(cmd)


Step 1 : Install java

1. Download Java from Oracle website from this link



2. The downloaded file is an exe file. Click and run the application.Click next button and proceed continuously.Finally        click finish.




Now java is installed in your system. The next step is to set Java in the system path.



Step 2 : Set java in System path

  1. Goto MyComputer right click -> properties . You will see the below window. click Advanced system settings.




  2. You will see this window. Click Environment Variables.




  3. A window pops up. Click new button in system or user variables.




  In variable name – type path.

  In variable value – specify the place where java is installed [should be till bin folder]

  please  refer the next picture




  In my system Java is in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin 




  4. After typing, click OK button. Now java path is set in your computer




  5. Now close all the windows, by clicking OK button.


Step 3 : Check the installation from command prompt(cmd)

  1. Click start and type cmd.




  Your command prompt is open now.

  2. Type java -version. This will show the java version installed in your system. 




  3. Type javac. You will get the following message. If you get any other message other than this, please recheck        whether you have added the java installation path correctly.




  Now you can work with java programs comfortably.


Happy Learning ! !


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