Key Features

  • 24 hours of interactive instructor-led online training

  • 25 coding assignments

  • 20 hours of lab

  • 20 hours of 2 projects

  • 100 interview questions

Course Description

  • In-depth understanding of the OOPs concepts
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Concepts of Multithreading
  • Inbuilt Packages – lang, io
  • Using the methods of Object Class
  • Serialization and Cloning
  • String, String Buffer and String Builder
  • Collection Framework
  • Streams API
  • Lambda and Functional Interfaces
  • Database connection with JDBC
  • Best practices for writing a  well-designed professional java code
  • Students who aspire to become Java developer
  • Professionals who want to switch to Java Stack
  • Freshers looking for a job in Java domain
  • Developers who want to upskill to Java 8
  • Java is a popular and powerful language used by biggest software corporates for developing cutting-edge applications for both web and mobile platforms.
  • This java training course will help you to get the right knowledge and skillset to become a qualified Java Developer
  • A basic Knowledge in programming
  • A keen interest in learning

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Java

  • What is Java?
  • Features of Java
  • OOps
  • Data types and Operators
  • Control Flow Statements

Class Design

  • Class and Objects
  • Instance and static variables
  • Methods and constructors



  • Method and Constructor Overloading
  • Varargs
  • Varargs vs Overloading



  • Basics of Inheritance
  • Use of super keyword
  • Overriding and Runtime Polymorphism



  • Static block, variables and methods
  • Using static import



  • Abstract and Final classes



  • About Access Specifiers and Java bean
  • Understanding Interfaces
  • Extending Interfaces
  • Static and default methods in interfaces
  • Lambda Expressions – Syntax, Struture and Usage
  • Introduction to Exception Handling
  • Checked and Unchecked Exceptions
  • Handling exceptions using try, catch and finally
  • Use of throw and throws
  • Automatic Resource Management – Try with resources
  • Creating Custom Exceptions
  • Introduction to multithreading
  • Main Thread, priorities
  • Creating child threads – extending Thread
  • Creating child threads – Implementing Runnable
  • Synchronization


  • Introduction to Wrapper classes
  • Autoboxing and Unboxing
  • Object class
  • Shallow Cloning – overview and example
  • Use of equals and hashcode
  • Understanding toString() method
  • String, String Buffer and String Builder

  • Overview of Byte Streams and Character Streams
  • Serialization



  • Overview of Java NIO
  • Channels, Buffers & Selectors
  • Channel Implementations – FileChannel
  • Buffer types
  • Allocating a buffer
  • Reading/Writing data from/to a buffer
  • Scattered Reads & Gathering Writes


  • Introduction to Collections Framework
  • List – ArrayList, LinkedList
  • Set – HashSet, TreeSet and LinkedHashSet
  • Working with Map – HashMap
  • Iterating elemnts using Iterator and ListIterator
  • Sorting using Comparator and Comparable
  • Method References – overview and example

  • What is a stream?
  • Collections vs Streams
  • Creating Streams
  • Intermediate Operations on Streams
  • Terminal Operations on Streams
  • Converting a Stream to a collection or Array
  • Overview of Numeric Streams
  • Introduction to JDBC
  • java.sql interfaces Driver, Connection, Statement
  • Perform CRUD operations using JDBC interfaces
  • Prepared Statement for precompiled queries
  • Callable Statement for stored procedures

Creating an ATM application using

  • Basic Control flow statements concepts
  • OOPs concepts


Creating a simple Voter application using

  • Object Orientation concepts
  • Custom Exception
  • Interfaces


Creating a complete book store application using

  • Object Orientation concepts
  • Collection Framework, Streams and Lambda
  • Custom Exception
  • JDBC with MYSQL
  • DAO design pattern


  • Praveen Gali

    Praveen Gali,
    Guideware Automation Specialist – Dublin, Ohio   LinkedIn

    The Java Trainer is one of the finest educators I have met having the blend of both technical capability and professionalism.

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  • Subhasini

    Subhashini Rajagopalan
    Module test Lead – Kumaran Systems, Chennai

    I learned the concepts on Core java in a short span of time. It is very good experience for me in learning Java under your guidance. Your teaching helped me in taking the Java related exams well and I have cleared it too with good score.

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