Fast track your training and save big with blended learning solutions

Blended learning is the new state-of-the-art training methodology for companies to on-board trainees faster and makes them project-ready. This advanced training helps corporates to deliver good-quality, cost-effective training to meet the demand for emerging technology.

We offer blended learning solutions for fresher on-boarding with the best custom-developed and on-demand content on full Java stack and web technology. Managers can customize the video-based, digital online learning and the instructor-led interactions for projects. By combining digital learning with instructor-led learning, we enable faster and improved learning at lower costs. The trainees learn at paces best suited to their learning styles.


3 unbeatable advantages of blended learning

  • arrow1 Cost-savings of 30%-50%
  • arrow2 Reduction in total training time by 30%
  • arrow3 Consistently good training across batches and locations


Our blended learning offering for corporates

Our blended learning programmes are well-designed to ensure quick dissemination of training on new technology to multiple learners across locations. We keep updating our training content every 3 months. Training modules are available from the Beginner to Expert levels:

Programmes What we offer
Full Java Stack Library of 400+ video lectures
Web Programming Learning content – PPTs, code snippets
MEAN Stack Exercises & quizzes
Expert trainer interactions
Mobile app support

Our Learning Platform


We deliver our courses through our (LMS) Learning Management System, CANVAS, a user-friendly, feature-rich learning platform.

  • Video lectures: Easy-to-understand, gradually moving from basics to advanced level.
  • Example programmes & exercises: Explain concepts and provide practice.
  • Forums: For discussions and engagement with your peers and trainers.
  • Quizzes: To test your knowledge.
  • Reports: Monitor the trainee’s progress through customized reports.
  • Course material: Where complex concepts are simplified, and topics are covered in detail.
  • Mobile App support

How Trainees and Companies benefit through Blended Learning


For Trainees
  • Faster learning with better results
  • Access to videos, eLearning modules, virtual classrooms, exercises, live instructor
  • Customized self-paced eLearning
  • Learn on the go with the mobile app


For Corporates
  • Rapid project readiness in Trainees
  • Consistent training across location for all
  • Custom Digital Academy
  • Competitive advantage:
    1. Cost-effective compared to classroom training
    2. Train faster on new tech, ahead of competition

Our Training Approach – Simplified, Flexible, Interactive and Supportive

Our purpose is to ensure consistently good quality training and develop talent to meet the constant need for professionals with expertise in new and emerging technology.


Multi-Channel Learning

Self-paced eLearning – Impart concepts through videos


Reinforce Learning

Cement learning in trainees through examples, scenarios, exercises and forums


Live Support

Solve problems, get answers to questions online & offline


Tailored Projects

Project sessions with real complex business problem with live or virtual support



Monitor and evaluate progress of trainees



Create custom learning paths for laggards

Case study for a billion-dollar global marketing & consulting company – using blended learning to get induction trainees project-ready faster



To reduce overall training duration without compromising the quality and depth of learning and to give uniform quality training across locations, quickly.



Shristi digitized 48 days classroom training content and:

  • Created 80 hours of interactive videos
  • Developed PPT slides, example programmes and quizzes
  • eLearning was delivered through Shristi’s LMS – CANVAS


A leading digital business transformation company in Bangalore was conducting a 48-day instructor-led complete Java stack programme in the classroom to train batches of induction trainees across locations.



Shristi set up with a complete digital academy of 400 videos for Java stack.

  • Training completed in 32 days, compared to earlier batches of 48 days
  • Reduced cost of training
  • Trained people faster

Why Shristi – Rapid job-readiness with a smaller training budget!

30% time reduction and 50% cost saving
On-demand and customized training content for your organization’s goals
Blended training model live, offline and self-paced
High-quality video equivalent to classroom training
Expert trainers
Fruitful business outcomes – Faster training with optimized training budgets
Guaranteed feedback 4.5 out 5

Start blended training and on-board freshers faster

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