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Become an effective Android Programmer in just 16 Hours and get 7 App projects free with Documentation.

Android has been one of the fastest & emerging mobile technology & in the current space of the Android world, Industry demands and needs have increased to a very high extent. In such situations there is a need for developers to develop the applications which suits the product frameworks which follow the principal of “develop one app and deploy onto many”. Android OS has been liked many of the developers, End Users that is the reason it has been the passion for many of the developers to develop apps for it and that’s the reason it has got a very huge market share.
Learning such a kind of technology from the core industry trainers will always be a fruitful learning as developing apps as an individual & for a product based company has got a huge difference & to overcome this difference we have crafted course outline as per the demands & needs of Android Development.

As it is said “Necessity is the mother of Invention” so is the course design, we here don’t teach Android in itself but teach why we need Android to develop such kind of Applications when compared with other Mobile Technologies

Course Package:

  • Android Software Kit
  • 1Power Point Presentation
  • 7 Android App Projects
  • Certificate on Completion


    At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Develop a fine tuned efficient Android App
  • Live Debug, Test & Deploy Apps on Mobiles
  • Understand the Advanced features of Android
  • Desing & Develop Advanced Featured Application Using Near Field Communication technology
  • Crack Android Interviews


    Knowledge on any Object oriented language such as C++, Java will help in understanding the course in a fine tuned manner, but a self driven interest is the best tool to learn any technology & no prerequisite is mandatory


    Course Designed for:

  • Professionals who are planning to upgrade their career from traditional technologies to Mobile Technologies
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to build highly available and scalable Apps with the integration to 3rd party software’s
  • Fresher’s who are interested in making their careers in Mobile Technologies

    What makes this course unique?

  • Interactive Classes: More of Hands on & Object Driven Learning System
  • Simple explanations to complex topics by industry experts
  • Hands on workshops and real life projects
  • Live App Developments & Deployment on Android Mobiles
  • Certificate of Course at the end of course
  • A real life project involving Near Field Communication Technology
  • 30 Day online assistance to the topics covered in the course

    Course Outline:

  • Open Platform Android
  • Android Apps & SDK Features
  • Why develop for Mobile
  • Why develop for Android mobile
  • Introduction to
  • OHA
    Android Platform
    Development Tools
    Android Eclipse Framework

  • Standards for developing android apps
  • Hello RK SMART WORLD Development App
  • UI
  • Interfacing
    Screens & Density of Screens identification

  • Activities
  • Activity Life Cycle
    Intent filters

  • Receivers
  • Broadcast receivers

  • File System
  • Sqlite

  • Toasts
  • Services
  • Background

  • Notifications
  • Introduction to
  • Advanced Android Features

  • Necessity for NFC & Existing Use Cases
  • Introduction to RK NFC Connect & RK NFC Cross Connect tool
  • Development of RK NFC Messenger App & many other RK NFC apps using RK NFC Api for Android