Induction Training

Shristi helps software companies to train the freshers in web technologies with high quality in a shorter duration at low cost. We make them as project ready resource(billable). We leverage eLearning benefits and integrate into classroom training


How we train


Impart the concepts through eLearning

First, we impart the concepts through eLearning. Trainees get the learning platform access which includes video lectures, course material, example programs etc. They can start learning and practising the concepts using our platform.


Onsite doubt clearing sessions

We help to clear their doubts immediately through online and offline. We conduct onsite doubt clearing sessions. Trainees can also post their questions in the discussion forum and get it clarified.


Project Sessions

We help the trainees to do the project which cover all the concepts. Our trainers will guide them.



We continuously monitor and access their progress. Based on their progress, we guide them for the suitable corrective actions. We continuously update the progress and keep companies to know what is going on.


Why our Induction training



About our Learning Management System

We are using state-of-the-art platform to build and deliver our courses. We give real class room experience through our video lectures. We are using Impartus web application which is used by so many colleges like IIM-Bangalore, Manipal university, PES university, Anna university. We use Canvas LMS (Learning Management system) which is one of the top LMS.

Our Learning Platform


We divide the course into modules. Each module has,


  • Video lecture for each concept.
  • Course material for associated video lecture.
  • Example programs which are taught in the video. Trainees can download and practice hands on.
  • Quiz for that module.
  • Exercise to try on their own in offline.
  • Forums, where the trainees can post their doubts and get the answer either from the peers or from the trainer.
  • Reports,in which we provide the analytics to monitor and access their progress.


Unique Features


  • We bring real classroom experience to Online.
  • User can see both trainer’s view and presentation view side by side.
  • User can learn anytime and anywhere.
  • User can bookmark the video and take digital notes.


Technologies covered

  • Core Java
  • Java Enterprise Edition(JEE) – Web Technology
    • JSP & Servlets
  • Java Frameworks
    • Spring / Hibernate
  • Web Designing
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Javascript
    • JQuery & AJAX
  • Javascript Frameworks
    • Angular JS
    • Node JS


About the Trainer


S. Sripriya Mathan – Founder & Chief Instructor is a trusted name in the sphere of corporate technical training in the Corporates of Bangalore, Chennai.She has 10+ year corporate training experience and trained more than 1000+ people from Sapient, Oracle Finance, HP, Logica, Verizon, Xchanging, Wipro, Headstrong, Accenture.

Her training methodology is unique that trains the participants at their understanding level using real time examples.She loves mentoring and is passionate towards teaching.She is responsible for creating the eLearning courses.


What corporate gets from our Training


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