Join our Instructor-Led live Angular.js course and progress your career to the next level. Boost your web application development skills by becoming an expert SPA(single page application) developer.

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Course Overview

Angular JS is an open source advanced client side Javascript framework based on MVC. The Angular JS course from Shristi covers both the basic and advanced concepts to create SPA starting from designing to coding and testing as a complete cycle.

  • Understanding two-way binding
  • DI and its usage
  • Get trained on how to use modules, controllers, directives, filters, routing, services by creating a real application.
  • Create custom directives and filters.
  • Learn to validate forms in angular JS
  • Learn to make backend calls to RESTful services. (An overview on node js will be given)
  • Integrate Angular front end with Node JS application
  • Use Yeoman to create a complete angular application
  • Learn to use GRUNT to run the complete project tasks and test cases.
  • Unit Testing using Jasmine and Karma
  • Complete your learning by understanding the tips and tricks of using sublime, bower, npm, yeoman (Yo), grunt (uglify,concat, minify) and so on.
  • How to use the 3 components of MEAN – Angular, Express and Node

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to

  • Create a complete front end application with proper design
  • Communicating to RESTful services using angular
  • Writing unit test cases for angular applications

Why to learn Angular.js

Angular js is a MVC framework from google. The features like two-way data binding, dependency injection(DI), usage of template engines, easy-to-test code, creating custom filters for formatting, using directives, dirty-checking, promises, routing make Angular.js a preferred framework and a compelling choice for creating Single Page Web applications

Course designed for

  • Web developers who want to enrich their web development skills and create SPA using Angular.
  • Professionals who wish to start the career in front end development.
  • Testing professionals and software architects.


  • Basic knowledge of HTML/HTML5 and Javascript.
  • Basic programming experience is preferred.

Introduction to Angular JS

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • Components of Angular JS
  • Installing Sublime and adding package Control
  • A simple example of Angular JS
  • Overview of bower and installing the components
  • Starting an angular js application
  • Understanding modules in angular

Understanding Controllers

  • What are controllers and how to use them?
  • Understanding about scope
  • Creating controllers and accessing them
  • Scopes, Watches, Inheritance in Controllers
  • Adding controllers to the angular application


  • About Inbuilt directives and their usage
  • Creating and using custom directives
  • Understanding Isolated scopes
  • Using custom directives as E, A, M, C
  • Adding directive to our angular application


  • What are filters and how to use inbuilt filters?
  • Learn to create custom filters
  • Adding custom filter to our application


  • About Services and factories
  • Creating a service and injecting to controllers
  • Adding a factory to our application
  • What are promises?
  • Creating promises in our application

Forms in Angular JS

  • Using Forms in Angular and adding css classes
  • Form Validation


  • Understanding Routing and using ngRoute
  • Use ng-view to add templates
  • Adding routes to the angular application
  • Using $location provider to remove hash tag

Communication with the server

  • Communicating over $http to read a json file
  • Introduction to Node and Express
  • Using the http methods like get, post, put, delete
  • Calling REST APIs from angular application
  • Completing the Single Page Application


  • Setting up unit tests in Angular
  • Configuring Karma with Jasmine
  • Configuration files
  • Testing the components

Project Work

Creating an Online Cake(Any product of your choice) Shop

  • In the home page the user will see all the products as a thumbnail view.
  • On clicking a single product, it gives the details about the complete product.
  • The admin can add more products to the webapplication

Creating an Online Book Rental Store using Angular

  • Add/Update/Delete books to/from JSON file(as there is no DB involved)
  • Retrieve all the books and view it in the home page


Course Reviews

A good training Institute

I am satisfied with this course and thank to shristitechlabs. Videos are nice. They are very good training provider. Thanks a lot

Excellent Training

The Training went well. Trainer was well versed with the subject and was very flexible with schedule and also answering many of my questions. It also helped that trainer was able to deliver on subject which was related but outside of the course.

Thanks for your support

VijayKumar Alli